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US space explorers dodge ammonia on dangerous spacewalk


US space explorers dodge ammonia on dangerous spacewalk

Miami, Nov 6, 2015 (AFP) – Two US space explorers effectively avoided unsafe smelling salts pieces amid a hazardous spacewalk Friday to finish the repair of a cooling framework at the International Space Station.

Highly toxic ammonia is used to cool electronics at the orbiting outpost, and the thermal system has been plagued by problems. Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren changed their spacesuits to battery power at 1122 GMT and skimmed outside the circling station minutes after the fact, as indicated by a live show on NASA TV.


The objective for Friday’s 6.5-hour spacewalk was to finished the last repairs to a framework that separated around three years back, by restoring the outside smelling salts cooling framework to its unique arrangement, the space organization said.


In 2012, NASA distinguished a noteworthy break in the smelling salts cooling framework. Space travelers supplanted the smelling salts pump on the station’s truss in May 2013. Right on time in the excursion, the spacewalkers reported seeing pieces of smelling salts while disengaging a percentage of the gear, yet the group was not in any risk, said NASA pundit Rob Navias.


Soon after halfway into the spacewalk, they completed the process of fixing off smelling salts in the framework with around 7.5 pounds (3.4 kilograms) each into an essential and a reinforcement tank, NASA said.


The operation was a “flawless fill,” Navias said.

Later, the pair cooperated to vent off remaining alkali from a pipes line. In the wake of opening the valve, they moved off the beaten path and examined one another’s suits for any indications of alkali pieces.


They discovered none.

Had any of the smelling salts advanced onto the space explorers’ spacesuits, they would have needed to stay outside the isolated space longer than wanted to permit it to prepare off.

Previously, taking after smelling salts spills outside the space station, space travelers have stayed in the sun for around an additional half hour to permit any solidified gems to vaporize from their spacesuits so as not to bring the dangerous substance inside the station.

Friday’s spacewalk is the 190th in backing of the International Space Station, which simply stamped 15 nonstop years of human residence.

Kelly and Lindgren went on another spacewalk nine days back to perform support and redesigns outside the ISS. Kelly is more than part of the way through a year-long mission at the space station that plans to offer NASA some assistance with studying the impacts of long haul space flight on the body and psyche.

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