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How to Make Money with Bidvertiser (PPC) Network

Bidvertiser: is an easy way to make money online from your blog & website. Bidversiter is a PPC network that allows publishers to make money online simple way with display ads by pasting ad code on your blog & website.

In my article I will teach you how to make money online with Bidvertiser. It is pay per click (PPC) marketing system established In 2003 same when Google start. The Bidvertiser is a little bit different from other marketing systems. Because most of the ads display based on perspective or interest of the guests.

Many WordPress or Blogger owners are using this network for make money online through display the BidVertiser ads on their website or blogs, Publisher can get paid for clicks and impressions. If you have more traffic from Google Search engine which you can get simply submit sitemap in google by using Google XML Sitemap Plugins Bidvertiser always display the highest bidder ads to maximize your revenue so publishers will make more money.

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“A young woman is making money on a laptop in her living room with BidVertiser”

BidVertiser Ad Formats

BidVertiser supports 4 groups of ads: Banners, Inline Ads and Skyscrapers. All ads are completely customizable to fit the site’s look & feel. Bidvertiser ads look like same Google Adsense.

BidVertiser XML Feeds Ads

Using XML Search Feeds, Publishers can embed the BidVertiser Ads across your web apps like web search, In-Text Ads, Domain Parking, Toolbar Search results or any other contextual content. BidVertiser XML Feed delivers both text and image ads!

BidVertiser Payment Option

Net30 Payment via PayPal, Western Union

How much Can you Earn Through Bidvetiser

Many bloggers and wordpress website owners are Monetize Website or Blog with BidVertiser and receiving 70% of revenue by using Bidvertiser (PPC) network.

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