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Download – Maxthon Cloud Web Browser for Windows

As you know that Maxthon International transforms the web browsing experience for personal computers and mobile devices. Macthon Cloud Browser is a fast and efficient web browser for Devices Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone and Linux. . Maxthon Cloud displays all web pages quickly, free you can share or send files among different devices to people easily. Maxthon Cloud makes it easy to surf the web from your PC or Mobile.

maxthon free download

Maxthon Cloud Browser for windows is number 7 internet web browser. Maxthon Cloud works on Windows PC, Mac,Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It’s provide safe site technology which lets you know about websites if they are secure or not. Maxthon Cloud Browser also blocks malicious websites and phishing attempts automatically for you. It is easily launch a private browsing session that does not track history.

Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows have best option of Ad-Block Plus which removes automatically all sexual and other ads before when you visit any website. Maxthon also extract all embedded videos, photos, and audio files from web page for download them with one click.

Maxthon Cloud Browser Free Download 

Maxthon doesn’t have all of the features we looked for in internet browsers, but it does provide the fundamental features for web browsing. It also has tight security and comprehensive help and support if you run into any issues.

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