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Download – AdSense In-Post Ads (WP) WordPress Plugin

Adsense In Post Ads plugin

AdSense In-Post Ads Plugin permits you to spare your most utilized AdSense advertisement codes, and embed them as a shortcode in your pages or posts.

AdSense In-Post Ads Plugin You might as of now utilize a plugin to show your advertisements in a widgetized range of your page, for example, the left or right sidebars, or in the header or footer of your page. While this gets the advertisements on the page, your site guests are not prone to tap on them.

AdSense In-Post Ads Plugin makes shortcodes, which you can use inside the body of any page or post to show an AdSense notice. This is the place your peruser’s eyes are looking in any case, and it will expand the chances that they will tap on the advertisement.

AdSense In-Post Ads Plugin As you know that Right now Google permits a most extreme of three advertisements for every page. On the off chance that you are incorporating a notice in a sidebar gadget, which appears in all pages, kindly don’t add more than two advertisements to the body of your page or post.


AdSense In-Post Ads Plugin: How To Install

  1. Download AdSense In-Post Ads Plugin archive and unzip in wp-content/plugins or install via Plugins � Add New.
  2. Activate the AdSense In-Post Ads Plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Copy your AdSense code from Google AdSense.
  4. In your WordPress dashboard, click on Settings > AdSense In-Post.
  5. Paste your AdSense code from step 3 into one of the boxes.




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