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Before start to create website on blogger it’s very important to for you know about story of Blogger. It was founded in August 1999 and started by Tiny Company from San Francisco. Three friends were doing job in contract web projects in company and trying to make their own grand entrance on the internet. What they were originally trying to do does not matter but after struggle they created Blogger that’s interesting.

One more things were going very well again in 2002 when we had hundreds of thousands of users which they were no expecting happened Google wanted to buy Blogger yes its true. As you know we liked Google a lot and Google liked blogs but one more thing you work real no copy write content post on your blog or website.

Blogger is a blog-publishing free service that allows people to Design your blog and use it to share whatever’s on your mind. There are many more blog-publishing free platforms but only two have won every one’s heart, Blogger and WordPress. You have read already above story Blogger is Google free tool for creating blogs where you can post your favorite (articles, tips & tricks , tutorials , Movies. Videos , Images  ) and other answers to frequently asked questions for peoples worldwide. If your blog SEO is best then it will be famous in Google Search Engine and have much visitors then by using Google Adsense , Infolinks  and Affiliate Programs you can Earn money online $100 Per Month or More.

Why Should Make Blog & Join Blogger Community

As you know and have read above So, I am going to guide you exactly about why you should start a Blog.what you need to do to get start and setup your own personal blog or website with Blogger.

  • Blogger has become one of the most popular ways  to Make Money online on internet and spreading information & News. There are millions of blogs online which mostly people using for Make Money Online.
  • Blogger is great platform where you can Share thoughts and information with others.
  • Blogger provide free tools for creating website so that you can become better writer.
  • The best and important reason?  You can make money doing it!

One more and last thing before you get started:

Creating your own blog can take up to 30 minutes but if you need help during the setup process blog or website. Get in touch with us and we will help as best. Because we can answer all of your questions you might have.

Free Blogger Templates 

Blogger is providing a great collection of free Responsive, SEO friendlyBlogger templates their blogging users for create beautiful professional blog’s.

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