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Google AdSense is an easy way to make money online from your blog & website. Google is a program that allows publishers to make money online simple way with display ads by pasting ad code on your blog & website and choose where you want the ads to appear on their own blog & website.

Google AdSense is one of the top making money online with contents and has been since 2003. Google most of make revenue by allowing other websites owners to advertise on their search engine and Google all this managed through a program Adwords (Pay Per Click Marketing) which you see these ads displayed above the Google search result and right side of the result. These are called “Sponsored Results” and advertisers paying a little amount of money per click.

Google AdSense is a great program that can help you to make additional income with your website especially for publishers. Google AdSense is best program for publishers simply you display ads on your blog or website and get paid when people click even you can make just views the ads.

How Much Can You Make Money?

Google AdSense not provide the commission rates because you receive per click it depends on how much advertiser are paying to Google for the particular ads. I have heard some earners anywhere and read on internet from $ 0.04 to $ 5 per click.

Mostly getting over $ 1 is very rare amount, although it does happen from time to time. But remember that it’s important to note you can’t estimate how much you will make money based on your blog or website traffic because Peoples always want to know what the average amount is per click. Therefore nobody knows the answer except Google. All cost different prices and we have no idea what advertisers are paying. Even Google AdSense will not tell you in report how much you are earning for each ad that is clicked from your blog or website.

For Example: If you see in Google AdSense earning report that you have made Today $ 12.60 from 9 Clicks then you can calculate that your click average commission is $1.40 per click. The amount you will make also depends on the amount of targeted traffic you receive to your blog or website and the placement of the ads on your pages. So I suggestion you should create a website on that topic which you know a lot about because it’s much easier for you to write content on that subject.


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  1. sir main google adsense pai gaya hon par mujhay samajh nhe a rhi k wabsite kon c likho

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